Cameron AG

Cameron AG is an Oxford, UK based multi instrumentalist whose subtle and measured songs expertly strike a chord. His delicate vocals and the fragility of music sound as if they could fall over and break at any second. Cameron’s debut track ‘Lost Direction’ was premiered at the end of 2015 on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show, receiving Hottest Record in the World, an accolade normally reserved for far bigger artists it was also recorded live for an infamous Mahogany session. The EP from which 'Lost Direction' was pulled, Way Back Home, was released shortly thereafter to similar critical acclaim from NME, Q, DIY and others. 

Cameron spent the months that followed working on a follow-up that would turn into Homeward Bound, which like Way Back Home, focuses on friendships, love, loneliness and trying to deal with those subjects. The EP will be released in North America via Grand Jury Music on November 4th, and reminds us why we listen to songs: to feel less alone and to make sense of things that are hardest to make sense of. 

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