Nicola Donà & Zoë Kiefl formed Dizzyride after a spontaneous roadtrip lead Zoë from Montreal to Philadelphia in the summer of 2014. In order to return home, she transited through NYC where she serendipitously found herself sleeping on Nicola’s couch. Zoë remembered the Venetian man from a brief encounter in the city a few years prior. They had been introduced to one another as solo musicians (Zoë Kiefl, Horrible Present) with comparable sounds. The reunited duo bonded, became inseparable and began collaborating immediately. Zoë joined Nico on his summer tour the following month. They recorded ideas for songs via tapes and iPhone voice memos while composing with any & all instruments that they happened to stumble upon. Finally, Dizzyride set up shop in NYC where they officially began recording their music. Since then, two EPs have been released and they have toured Europe twice. Their forthcoming album is set to be released in January 2017 at which point they will begin touring the United States until they fly to Japan in the Spring. Their sound transforms minimalism, psychedelia, afro-beat, disco and soul music.

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