Former professional ballet dancer, Eric Larson, began recording music as Ekurtis in 2016.  His music incorporates multi-layered vocals, aggressive  rhythms, and minimal yet lush instrumentations.  Self-taught producer and songwriter, Eric formerly wrote for and performed with the duo Eric and Aaron, a band he shared with boyfriend and often collaborator Aaron Berk of Hopper Race.  After deciding that they worked better as a couple than as full-time bandmates, Larson took his computer to one side of their NYC studio apartment and began work on what is now the first of three EP’s. 'Part I', 'Part II', and 'Part III' are due for release beginning in summer 2017 and finishing up in early 2018. Influences include Regina Spektor, St. Vincent, Paul Simon, Grimes, and Gold Panda.  Studying Filmmaking and Design at NYU, Eric also directs, shoots, and edits his own music videos.

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