Jacky Winter

Hello there,

My name is Jacky. It was March two years ago. Just like every Sunday morning I was cleaning a pub in Melbourne, Australia when I heard Wu-Tang Clan properly for the first time. It was really fucking loud, I was dusty and it screwed me loose. I became obsessed, listening to 36 Chambers, Only Built for Cuban Linx and Liquid Swords every day. I bought a MPC, started making beats and invited my mates to come work in a way none of us ever had done cos we're all fanging guitar players. We learned to sample and sequence, making it up as we went along, writing songs like we always did, but in pieces. Forever cleaning the pubs I saved enough money to fly 6 times across the Pacific to New York City to work with producer Matt Verta-Ray (Jon Spencer Blues Explosion/Dirtbombs) in his analogue studio NY HED. There we began to sew it all together and from those sessions came The Nails EP. People tell me it reminds them of the Dust Brothers production style, especially the early Beck records. I fucking love those guys, a brilliant compliment.

This is all exploration, doing whatever feel good, just pure music making. It’s sideways and it's dark and sometimes beautiful, that much I know. I wanted to show that to you.

Jacky Winter


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