Most music people listen to with their ears; the music that Sandflower’s creating, however, requires something more than just listening. Beyond being just pop or rock or hip-hop, the songs that Sandflower is creating are a true mélange of styles, and they’re meant to excite your ears, enchant your eyes, get your heart racing and make your feet move. 

“I’ve been making music my whole life,” the Brooklyn native says, and she’s not kidding. Thanks to her artistic family, Sandflower grew up around some of New York’s most talented musicians—she recalls playing the first song she ever wrote for Jeff Buckley—and the music she’s making now reflects not only an understanding of what’s come before but a desire to push the envelope of what the future might hold. 

“I found my sound by wanting to make different styles of music,” she explains. “One day I was going through my old records, a lot of music I was influenced by, and there were Motown records but also Madonna, Simple Minds and TLC. I knew I wanted to make music that was influenced by all the artists I’ve loved, but could I make music that was a bit pop, a bit electronic, a bit rock ‘n’ roll and a bit hip-hop? I decided to try.”

The resulting hybrid style isn’t just a mix of Sandflower’s influences, but an entirely new experience that blends aural experimentation with a flair for performance, an eye for fashion and an edgy intelligence; it’s equally informed by Jimi Hendrix, Salvador Dali and The Fifth Element. But Sandflower isn’t just making music; she’s designing her own clothing, working as her own art director and making it her mission to expose her smart, fun, flamboyant work to the masses.  “I’m not a packaged artist,” Sandflower stresses. “I’m a musician trying to honestly connect to people through art.”

This all-encompassing artistry is integral to Sandflower’s mission, and it’s something she says she feels it’s her to duty to deliver. 

“I do feel like I’m carrying the torch for New York City artists,” she says. “I want it to be the sort of music that, no matter where someone’s from, they’ll hear and they just know that it sounds like New York.”

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