Satellite Mode

Founded in New York City, Satellite Mode is composed of artists Jess Carvo (Vocals) and Alex Marko (Production / Instrumentation). The Duo has become most known for their blend of haunting vocals with electronic textures and pop-inspired melodies.
The duo began the project as ghostwriters for various recording artists, but months into their new project, life changed drastically with a sudden tragedy in Jess' family. The band's work began to reflect these life-altering developments, as did their songwriting dynamic, intensity and purpose. During this season of immense change, their collaboration was now personal and their songs were no longer targeted to other artists, but released under their current moniker. 
Throughout their short history, Satellite Mode's songs have been featured in top music publications including NOISEY, have charted on Spotify's Viral charts (including U.S. top 10) and have over 1.5 million listens across global streaming platforms.

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