Totally Gross National Product

Recently named "Minnesota's Best Record Label" (City Pages, 2013), Totally Gross National Product is an artist-run label founded by producer/musician Ryan Olson (Gayngs, Polica) and his friends in the early 2000's. In 2013, TGNP dropped its 30th release to date. It was one of five albums released by TGNP in 2013, each one by a different, musically unique act from the upper Midwest of the USA. The label has strong ties to Minneapolis, but in the last couple years has earned a much broader audience nationally, as well as throughout Europe. In the last 6 months we've premiered singles, videos, and album streams with Fader, SPIN, Rolling Stone, NPR Music, Noisey, Impose, Death & Taxes, among others. In October, we hosted our first CMJ Marathon Showcase to a packed house at Brooklyn's The Knitting Factory. As planned, TGNP has grown itself beyond the Upper Midwest and put itself on the radar of the national music community. 



After 10 years of developing and releasing projects from a wide array of talents, TGNP has settled into a community focused enterprise, with input from a large group of contributors, associates, entrepreneurs, and artists.


As a way of ensuring we have the ability to work with such a large contingent of artists and projects, TGNP relies on the help of many individuals. For this reason, you may be intending to reach somebody outside of the immediate TGNP umbrella. Please use the contact form to describe the nature of your inquiry, and your message will be directed to the appropriate recipient.


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