We Are Wolves

The now mythic trio, We Are Wolves, presents an honest and uncatchable sound; a bit like celestial lightning hitting a sacred mountaintop. Mainly inspired by visual arts, they paint a post-punk landscape, scattered with analog trees. Their primitive approach remains true to their animal of predilection: untamable. Disciples of rock and electronica - it’s at the junction of those two movements that We Are Wolves made their den. In 2005, that fusion materialized itself in the form of Non Stop Je te Plie en Deux on the American label Fat Possum. The press soon followed with articles in Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Spin and shows at famous international festivals like Eurockéennes (France), Dour Fest (Belgique), Virgin Festival (Toronto), Great Escape (UK) and LA Weekly Detour Festival (L.A.). We Are Wolves shared the stage with And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, The Gossip, Gorillaz and Bloc Party. They also played a total of 400 concerts in Europe, USA and Canada.

End of May 2007 brought the single “Fight and Kiss” on Dare to Care Records. They then successively released their second and third full-length albums Total Magique (2007) and Invisible Violence (2009) on the Montreal-based label. Both critically acclaimed albums received good press from the NY Times, CMJ Report and Spin Magazine. After more than 100 concerts across Canada and the United States since the release of their last album, We Are Wolves are ready for more.

Fall 2012, Alexander Ortiz and Vincent Lévesque made an official announcement: Pierre-Luc Bégin, from Montreal’s band Polipe, is their newest member, replacing longtime drummer Antonin Marquis. This new dynamic sets the shape of things to come: the formation is back in studio and ready to offer its devotees a fourth sacrifice on the altar of rock. Released in February 2013, La Mort Pop Club channels indescribable electric fields of post-punk adrenaline. Emerging from an endless trance, the wolves are back on the prowl. We Are Wolves joins the young label Fantôme Records (a new division of Simone Records) to release WRONG, their highly anticipated 5th LP, coming this Fall.

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