Communist Daughter Premiere "Ghosts" On Noisey/Vice

Communist Daughter Premiere "Ghosts" On Noisey/Vice

Click Here To Listen To "Ghosts" On Noisey/Vice

Communist Daughter recently premiered the first track off their forthcoming EP, "Speed Of Sound" on Filter. The video for the track takes you on a journey through the Midwest, where the band was born. Check out the video for "Speed Of Sound" which premiered on Blackbook. They are excited to premiere the next track off the EP, entitled "Ghosts" on Noisey/Vice. Johnny talks about the track here...

"I wrote Ghosts while I was holed up over the winter in treatment in rural Minnesota.  It snowed constantly.  It was the definition of solitude.  Just me and my thoughts. The song's about saying goodbye to the life I thought I had to live.  Its about not letting the past own you.   But its not about winning that struggle, its about beginning that struggle. Its all the dark nights in snow storms when your headlights are hitting snow flakes and making you dizzy.  Oh, and its also just a song by a band in Minnesota."

"the bittersweet, autobiographical harmonies of one of Minneapolis' greatest singer/songwriter." - Filter

“Fragile, daydreaming harmonies. Swirling synths that spin and spin until they fall down dizzy. Steady-galloping drums that coolly pass you by. These Midwestern boys have wrapped them all up into rip-your-heart out ballads about getting older but not necessarily happier – songs that capture the old joy of classic records and do-nothing days, and the ache of knowing they’re mostly gone. Yes, there’s a good kind of sadness, and this is what it sounds like.”  - Rolling Stone

“we’ve just found a new band to blast the entire way into the mountain range... we’re already giving them a prime slot in our summer soundtrack”- The Fader