HUNG Premieres Latest Single "Maria" On Gun Shy Assassin

HUNG Premieres Latest Single "Maria" On Gun Shy Assassin


HUNG are excited to unleash another new track unto the world today! Get yourself over to  Gun Shy Assassin to stream the latest track  "Maria", from their forthcoming Self-Titled debut.
The album drops May 8th on The End Records and Lamb of God’s label ReThink Records, so make sure you get your pre-order in now. With your pre-order you'll get the album with a bundled t-shirt and poster, so head to The Omega Order to grab yours now.
In other news, the band is excited to announce an April 28th listening party at the world famous Duff’s in Brooklyn, NY as well their record release party at Trash Bar on May 3rd. Tickets are $15 at the door and include a free CD and T-Shirt. Doors open at 7:00pm with an open bar from 7:30 to 8:30pm.
“In the beginning we set a goal to blend dynamic qualities and technical complexity with the sort of musical elements that can appeal to a wide audience. More than anything we wanted to make sure that we were making music that didn't sound like anything we'd already heard before. This isn't always something easily done with metal because it can be a very niche genre but, given the diverse backgrounds and influences of HUNG's line-up, we always end up with music that blends pieces of each of us. Staying away from formulas in our writing process has allowed us to produce songs that are not only unique within the progressive and metal genres, but distinct among one another as well.”  - Jon Clark
“There’s no better place in the world than on the stage, under the lights, banging our heads with a room full of enthusiastic listeners.  We challenged ourselves to bring the intensity of our live shows to the recording studio so our fans could appreciate it at home.  The debut full-length is the first time we’ve successfully been able to capture that live feeling on a recording.”Sam Roon


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