POLIÇA Play Late Night With Jimmy Fallon || Announce Spring Tour

POLIÇA Play Late Night With Jimmy Fallon || Announce Spring Tour

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“It’s sound of heartbreak and celebration happening simultaneously” - Rolling Stone
“You won’t be able to pigeonhole this album as R&B send-up or as posturing indie genre-snub. It’s the real thing–acutely felt, solidly produced, and well wrought. Rarely does a debut so confidently assert itself." - Prefix
"Twin Cities songstress delivers tough, R&B - bent, live wire electronica that doubles as Auto-Tune delight." - SPIN
When you listen to Polica, what are you listening to? Liquid R&B? Jazz-driven ambient? Skunky pop or wobbling soft rock? Who can be sure? It's kind of all that; it's kind of so much more." - RCRD LBL
Throughout the group's debut effort, Give You the Ghost , the rhythm section in particular is afforded a fluidity and freedom typically only witnessed in jazz or funk spheres, the bulbous basslines and restless drums following their own whims rather than the dictates of pop-rock convention. The entire album adheres to this formula, making it an exceedingly seamless listen. - Pitchfork
"POLIÇA furthers GAYNGS' lineage with more shit that just hits real smooth. GAYNGS' Ryan Olson and singer Channy Casselle lead the group, Casselle front and center with her potently echoed voice riding over forward drums and driving bass." - The Fader
"Featuring Bon Iver's Mike Noyce, "Lay Your Cards Out" is a swilry combination of layered rhythms, some awesomely manipulated vocals, and a dragged-out, slow motion feel...the perfect soundtrack to an almost-winter weekend" - NYLON
"Polica succeeds because they cover a lot of ground with few moving parts. On “Form”, the bass marches to a salsa rhythm that intensifies Leneagh’s pleas for forgiveness...A staccato version of that bass line strengthens the backbone of “I See My Mother”, haunted by ghostly saxophone peals." - Consequence of Sound
"biggest plus for Polica is that they appeal on such a variety of levels. You can’t discount them as simply an ‘electronic’ band. Electronica plays a part on Give You The Ghost, but these songs take tangents into worlds of R&B, rock and psychedelic." - WXPN
"POLIÇA deals in a type of R&B inflected electronic music that defies explanation. What can be said is that music with this many synthetic textures and vocal treatments has rarely sounded so natural." - AOL Spinner


05/08 - High Noon Salon - Madison, WI

05/09 - Turner Hall Ballroom - Milwaukee, WI

05/10 - Crofoot Ballroom - Pontiac, MI

05/11 - German House - Rochester, NY

05/13 - Maxwell's - Hoboken, NJ

05/12 - Jillian's - Albany, NY

05/16 - Johnny Brendas - Philadelphia, PA

05/18 - Stage AE -  Pittsburgh, PA

05/19 - Bishop - Bloomington, IN

05/25 - Sasquatch Festival - Gorge, WA

06/07 - CAMP Basement - London, UK

06/23 - River's Edge Festival - St. Paul, MN

08/05 - Lollapalooza - Chicago, IL

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