Skaters 'Rock And Roll Bye Bye' LP + "In Your Head" Track | LP Out 3/24 On Yonks Records

Skaters 'Rock And Roll Bye Bye' LP + "In Your Head" Track | LP Out 3/24 On Yonks Records
Skaters debuted their new video for "In Your Head" on Noisey. It's the first single off of there upcoming album entitled, 'Rock And Roll Bye Bye' out 3/24 on Yorks Records. When discussing the track guitarist Josh Hubbarb said, ""The ethos brought to this new project is similar to that of the ‘DIY' ethos… but its more inclusive, so we’ve coined it DIWOP2, which his short for Do It With Other People Also. We reached out on the internet to people and people got back. Conversations where had, relationships forged and collaborations were born….
This here video is the out come from one of those ‘on line’ convestions started on the internet. Hull transplant and very talented DP Josh Moore (shootjmoore) teamed up with us and took a walk down ‘Whitefriargate’ the UK City of Hull.
Culture's newly paved high street, real life, in a real city with real people… you can win them all."
SKATERS’ sophomore album has arrived. After parting ways with Warner Brothers Records, SKATERS has reclaimed its independent spirit and are back. Joining forces with independent digital distribution partner Believe Digital in London, Qrates for on-demand, direct-to-consumer vinyl, a devout team of indie publicists and promo, and a collection of music video directors and artists, the Rock and Roll Bye Bye LP is a free-spirited album that embraces the flexibility, inspiration, and motivation possible in today’s music industry. Co-producing the album with Albert DiFiore, the band’s sophomore album is an exciting progression in songwriting, performance, and lyrical statements.



Album Name:

Rock and Roll Bye Bye

Release Date:

03 24 17


Yonks Records


01. Just Like Your Mother
02. Northern Soul
03. Clip art link 1 Bubbles
04. Head On To Nowhere
05. Restless Babe
06. Song 19 (Revisted)
07. (I'm Not A Punk)
08. Respect The Hustle
09. Criminal
10. Mental Case
11. Rock And Roll Bye Bye
12. In Your Head