Sky Chefs Share "Lucite Wands" Track on Atwood Magazine | New Album 'Ghosts & Goblins' Out 4/21

Sky Chefs Share "Lucite Wands" Track on Atwood Magazine | New Album 'Ghosts & Goblins' Out 4/21
LISTEN & SHARE: Sky Chefs - "Lucite Wands"
Sky Chefs have shared their new track "Lucite Wands" on Atwood Magazine. You can listen to it here. Sky Chefs' Dale Nicholls says that the track is a “hazy beach song about hating the beach." Their forthcoming new album Ghosts & Goblins is out 4/21. 

Somewhere in L.A. there’s a cluttered garage studio lovingly dubbed the Whack Ark. Inside, surrounded by wobbly tape machines, Craigslist castoffs, and an old iMac named Gozer, Dale Nicholls writes and records as Sky Chefs.

After stints in Detroit, Dublin, Portland, Paris, New Zealand, and places in between, Dale returned to L.A., busted up his old band and started Sky Chefs. In 2016, Sky Chefs released their debut LP, three EPs, and a scuzzy lil’ single.

Sky Chefs began in the bedroom, graduated to the garage, and now kinda resembles a band. Sky Chefs features players from Cherry Glazerr, Black Keys, Pageants, Fiona Apple, Lou Reed, Chris Cohen, and Psychic Temple.

Ghosts & Goblins is the second Sky Chefs record. Songs tightrope between sly satire and wry confessionals. Tales of broken hearts, anxiety in the wicked west, batshit crazy families, designer riot gear, and the comic absurdity of living in Los Angeles. Recorded live over two days. Produced by Chris Schlarb (Joyful Noise/Asthmatic Kitty) at BIG EGO, Long Beach, CA.

It’s the most stripped down, straightforward record Nicholls has done (previous releases were patchwork affairs made in different locals). The songs were written in Dublin and London, while reflecting on family, bummer relationships, and life in LA. The rest was simple: Upon returning, DN booked a couple dates with Schlarb, showed the band the songs, then recorded the same day. They had fun doing so.


Sky Chefs

Album Name:

Ghosts & Goblins

Release Date:

04 21 17


01. Ghosts & Goblins
02. Poltergeist
03. Nefarious Smalls (falls and falls)
04. Hey Furies!
05. Orange County Trucks
06. St. Francis of the Desert
07. Summer of Sam
08. Transit Strike
09. Lucite Wands
10. John Huston's Grace